Why summer is a wonderful time for product PR

Summer. A time of al fresco suppers in the garden, ice creams on the beach, sun tan top-ups and the crisp fizz of an ice-cold gin and tonic. It’s also a time of tremendous PR opportunity – read on to find out why.

If you make and sell any kind of consumer-focussed retail product, summer presents an unmissable chance to get your creations seen (and purchased) by the largest audience of card-at-the-ready consumers imaginable.

Why? Because while we’re wondering how to stay cool in this tropical heat, the editors and writers at the country’s most widely-read glossy magazines are thinking about a different time of year entirely; the festive season.

The content we see in magazines is often planned months ahead – usually two or three, but for special editions like a Christmas issue, planning can begin five or even six months before the publishing date.

A big part of most Christmas editions is a gift guide, and summer is traditionally the time that editors begin seeking out and bookmarking potential products to include.

Throughout my career, I’ve come across many companies who sell the most wonderful products, but who have only begun to consider their Christmas PR plans in October or November – by which time it’s far too late.

August is therefore the ideal time to begin pitching your products to the magazines you’d love to be featured in, while July is a great time to get organised so that you have everything you need for your pitch.

You can use July to take perfect high-res press shots (follow our handy guide!), compile some wonderful product descriptions, prepare press samples to send out (the press will almost always want to see and test the product themselves), and research the kind of magazines that are most likely to feature your product.

There are lots of ways to connect with your dream magazines – send them a tweet, seek them out on Instagram, check hashtags on social media for product requests and gift guides, or send them a good old fashioned email.

And if you want to make absolutely sure your products get seen by the right people, Venti can help! Drop us a line to get started… 

Lara Page