No news? Here’s what to do

Someone once said to me: “There’s no point doing PR, we’ve got no news.” You don’t have to be doing something hugely newsworthy to harness the power of PR. Sometimes, the opposite is true.

When a business has a lot going on, it can seem like the perfect time for PR.

And in many cases, it is – expanding your operation, hiring new staff, winning a big contract or launching a major initiative are all highly newsworthy topics.

But having ‘no news’ can sometimes present an even more valuable opportunity to attract positive publicity, by allowing you to create news.

Here are three powerful PR tactics that can really put your business on the map – especially when you don’t have any traditional news stories to report.

1. Advice Pieces

If you’ve been in your industry for a long time, you’re likely to have lots of valuable insight and expertise that could really benefit your potential customers. Sharing some of this insight by providing advice can be very powerful indeed, particularly when it’s geared towards helping people to make better choices or avoid common pitfalls.

Advice pieces are also a wonderful way to position your brand as credible, authoritative, knowledgeable and experienced, which helps to create a bond of trust with potential customers to ensure they feel confident approaching you in future.

2. Opinion-Led Articles

Open any influential magazine covering your industry and the chances are you’ll see at least one opinion-led article, where someone senior in your sector shares their opinion on where the industry’s heading, what’s on the horizon or where it needs to change. 

Industry magazines and websites are always seeking out well-informed opinions from those in the know who are prepared to voice their views; a well-crafted opinion piece can be instrumental in shaping people’s perceptions around a particular topic, raising the profile of key figures within your organization and enhancing your credibility.

3. Survey Results

One of the most powerful – yet under-used – methods of news creation is a well-timed survey. Survey results are a wonderful tool for generating exceptional publicity, as well as giving your target audiences some great insight – and with free tools like Survey Monkey and even Twitter Polls, it’s easier than ever to source valuable PR data.

Perhaps you could survey your clients or the general public and seek out any interesting statistics which could signify a new trend? For example, an insurance company could identify that ‘70% of Midlands homeowners don’t have the right insurance’, or a travel agents could spot that ‘80% of Brits are planning staycations next year’.

Whatever tactic you choose, Venti can help you ensure it’s a winner. Get in touch to find out which would approach could best for your business.

Lara Page

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