What makes a great copywriter?

In this post, we talked about the importance of hiring a professional copywriter to get your public-facing content into shape. But how do you know you’re working with a pro? Here are 11 things you should expect from a great copywriter.

1. They almost never make mistakes

You should expect all your copy to be word-perfect, with almost no spelling or grammatical errors. Surprisingly, many companies have people writing their public-facing content without grasping the basics of grammar, such as the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’.

2. They understand syntax

Syntax is a crucial yet often neglected part of copywriting; it relates to the structure of your sentences and how easily the reader can move through your text without distractions. Good copywriters should have a perfect grasp of syntax.

3. They’re creative with language

Many companies rely too heavily on the same words (‘exciting’, ‘ground-breaking’, ‘innovative’) and stock-phrases (‘We pride ourselves on…’); good copywriters should be much more creative with language to keep it fresh.

4. They can make complex information easy to understand

From dry facts and figures to technical information, a good copywriter knows how to translate complex information into digestible, comprehensive and stimulating content.

5. They can write for a variety of audiences and channels

It’s great to be able to talk engagingly to millennials, but a good copywriter should be equally capable of crafting content that speaks authentically to the 70+ age range, and everything in between.

6. They’re natural news hounds

Having a keen news sense is also imperative to producing captivating copy; a good copywriter can spot the strongest angles in your content and use them to create powerful press releases, blogs and whitepapers.

7. They’ll help you nail your corporate tone of voice

Brand consistency is just as important in written form as it is in visual form; a good copywriter will use language that gives audiences a strong sense of your corporate identity.

8. They’re master storytellers

‘Storytelling’ is a big buzzword at the moment, but great copywriters have been telling compelling brand stories for decades.

9. They inspire action

A great piece of copy inspires action from its readers, whether that action is creating excitement, developing trust, building awareness or paving the way for a direct sale.

10. They work quickly

Depending on whatever else they have scheduled for the week, a good copywriter can usually work very quickly. For those who aren’t strong copywriters but who’ve been tasked with it as part of the overall marketing mix, drafting a single blog post can take days; a good copywriter can do this within hours. 

11. They understand SEO

A clear understanding of on-page and off-page SEO is vital to digital copywriting; a good copywriter can make sure all your key search terms are included, in a seamless way that doesn’t sound contrived.

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Lara Page