5 things that make a great news story

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Following on from our recent blog post on what to do when you have no news, we take a look at some of the most newsworthy topics for a press campaign.

There are lots of events in your company that could attract strong media interest – here are five topics that are most likely to secure positive press coverage:

#1. Creating new jobs – have you employed more than five new members of staff recently, or are you offering apprenticeships or employment schemes to attract the next generation and support the jobs market?

#2. Making investments – are you investing in any technology, machinery, equipment or infrastructure that will benefit either the local area, your clients or your industry?

#3. Senior staff appointments – have you taken on a new member of staff in a senior position, such as a CEO, MD, General Manager, Operations Manager or Sales Director?

#4. Business expansion – have you recently expanded into new business premises, taken on an additional location or expanded your offering to include new services, products, markets or countries?

#5. Community initiatives – are you doing anything to benefit or improve your local community, such as corporate social responsibility plans, green spaces projects, environmental initiatives, sports schemes, charity support or mentoring?

Keep an eye out for our next blog on what doesn’t make a great news story – and in the meantime, for more advice on attracting great press coverage, do drop us a quick hello and we’d be happy to help.

Lara Page

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