Venti’s Reflections on 2018

It’s been an exciting, rewarding, challenging and stimulating few months since Venti Comms officially launched in August 2018, so as we move into a bright new year, I’m taking the opportunity to reflect back on Venti’s first five months in business.

As a freelance consultant, I’ve often found myself comparing my achievements to those of my previous full-time career; the salary difference, the uncertainty of work, the solitary aspects of beavering away at the kitchen table – all of which I’m sure will be extremely familiar to other freelance consultants out there!

It’s also therefore easy to overlook all the little milestones I’ve quietly reached on the way, and I’m quickly learning that when you work alone, you really do have to be your own cheerleader!

Although Venti Comms is very much a spring chicken by longevity standards, it’s important that as start-ups, we can look back and feel proud of the achievements – however great or small – that have shaped our first few months of self employment.

So here’s a roundup of 2018 so far, and may I take the opportunity to say a wholehearted thank you to everyone who’s connected with me, commissioned me, recommended me and supported me along my journey so far.

#1. I’ve published lots of hints and tips on my blog to help inspire your best ever PR and content – including how to take the perfect press shot, how to promote your event, 9 ways your website could be costing you sales, what to do when you have no news, 10 winning PR and marketing ideas for your venue, 7 events that could damage your reputation, and 5 things that make a great news story.

#2. I’ve crafted compelling website content for some wonderful local businesses including an accountancy, a veterinary practice, an equestrian product, a recycling specialist, a design agency, a care home and a gourmet gift website – to name a few!

#3. I had the pleasure of meeting a kindred spirit from the PR world – watch out for some exciting potential collaborations in 2019!

#4. I’ve run three PR campaigns which gained fantastic press coverage in over 20 publications and reached a potential 650,000 readers.

#5. I squeezed in a little Autumn break to spend quality time with my family in our very favourite place, where we’ve been renting a different cottage each year for over 20 years. There’s nothing like sea air, coastal walks and fresh crab – and we were even lucky enough to spot two playful dolphins!

#6. I had the chance to indulge in my other big passion – curating beautiful corporate gift boxes – when a lovely client commissioned some Christmas-themed gift boxes to thank her long-standing suppliers. So enjoyable! More on that service soon…

#7. I’ve developed my skillset to understand much more about the evolving principles of SEO, and am very proud to say I’ve been able to take a client from zero search rankings to Page 4 of Google with their key search term, within a matter of weeks. It’s wonderful to see our new content programme paying off!

In 2019, I’m looking forward to moving closer to my financial goals, meeting lots more like-minded people, working more with the fantastic client base I’ve built so far, exploring new partnerships and pitching to more of my dream customers. Heads up – if you’re a wedding venue, I’m coming to get you! In the nicest possible way, of course.

Wishing you all an inspiring, adventurous and delightful 2019.

Lara Page