11 signs it’s time for PR

Wondering why your competitors always seem to be in the press, or why no one in your industry seems to know much about you? Here are 11 signs it may be time to explore PR for your business.

A well-targeted programme of public relations can be tremendously beneficial for your brand. It can put you on the map, get you in front of your ideal audiences, raise awareness of key issues and shape public perception of your product or service.

PR is an important part of any marketing strategy, but if you haven’t considered it before, here are 11 of the most common signs that PR could really benefit your business.

1. No one in your industry knows anything about you

If you’ve been in business for quite a while, or you’re offering a great B2B product – but no one in your industry knows who you are – then it’s time for some PR.

2. Your competitors are always in the media

Don’t let your competitors hog all the column inches – just because they’re pro-active or have a great PR strategy, it doesn’t mean you can’t have your say too.

3. You do interesting things – but never tell anyone about them

This is something I’ve heard many times – especially in the tech sector. So many small companies are doing amazing, innovative, boundary-pushing things – yet they often fall under the radar because they’re not promoted beyond the odd tweet or quarterly newsletter.

4. People seem to have the wrong idea about you

Have you ever found your prospects or contacts seem to have the wrong idea about what you actually do? They may even have the wrong idea about your whole industry. This is a perception issue, which can often be successfully changed through PR.

5. You’ve just done something that will benefit others

That’s brilliant! Community initiatives, industry research, new product launches or any other schemes that will benefit a large amount of people – whether locally or within your sector – is definitely something to shout about.

6. You’ve had some negative publicity lately and you’re worried about your reputation

You’re right to be concerned. We all know Warren Buffet’s famous quote: ‘It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it’. History is full of companies who haven’t taken their reputation seriously and paid the ultimate price. Don’t let that be you.

7. You don’t read industry magazines – so why do you need to be in them?

Even if you don’t read any of the publications covering your sector, some of your potential clients – and likely your competitors – do. And if you’re never mentioned in any of these titles, a significant portion of your target audience may never hear about you.

8. There are some problems on the horizon for your sector

Every sector has its challenges. Whether it’s the impact of Brexit, a piece of new legislation (like GDPR or MTD) or changes to your industry which could create uncertainty amongst buyers, a thought leadership campaign is a great way to address these challenges and build reassurance.

9. You’d quite like to sell up in the not-too-distant future

A substantial part of your brand’s value is based on reputation. In fact, research suggests that reputation counts for up to 80% of a brand’s share value. If you want to look more attractive to potential buyers or investors, getting your name out there consistently for the right reasons can make your business a much more enticing prospect.

10. You have really strong opinions about your industry and how things should be

Excellent! The media *love* strong opinions! As long as they’re well-informed, of course. Opinion-led articles are tremendous PR collateral, and help to position you or your brand as an influencer and thought leader.

11. You want your name out there, but every time you try… crickets!

Already sharing content with the media, or trying to build relationships with your key press, but not getting any response? It might be that your angle isn’t quite right, or that you need to tweak your pitch.

Venti Comms specialises in PR and can help you with everything from breaking into the most influential media for your industry to managing your reputation and everything in between.

Do drop us a line to chat about a press campaign, opinion article, thought leadership piece, whitepaper, PR strategy or crisis comms plan – we’d love to help you get the recognition you deserve!

Lara Page