7 Things for May


Venti Comms Shrewsbury - 7 Things for May 2020

As soon as lockdown started, I decided to take a little break from penning the usual tips and advice, and instead to just share seven things each month that you might like. Here’s May’s offering…

Drink of the Month

Limoncello Gin Fizz Recipe from the Craft Gin Club

A very summery and zesty Limoncello Gin Fizz from The Craft Gin Club.

Word of the Month

Venti Comms word of the month June 2020

How hot is it this month? We’re not geared up for serious heat in the UK, but it’s still very welcome and makes lockdown life juuuuuust that little bit easier.

Recipe of the Month

Tomato ricotta phyllo tart from Girl vs Dough

Heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil, ricotta, phyllo pastry – a nice fresh zingy salad and you’ve got summer on a plate. Tomato Ricotta Phyllo Tart from Girl vs Dough.

Thought for the Month

I came across this quote on Pinterest recently and it seemed quite apt: “You don’t have to be positive or feel happy all the time; you’re a human, not a robot.” It’s been almost two months in lockdown, and I think a lot of us are feeling the strain. We tend to feel we have to tough it out and smile through everything, but it’s OK to feel the range of emotions we were designed, as humans, to feel – good or bad.

Article of the Month

Vanity Fayre - The Billionaire Battle in the Bahamas

And we think we’ve got problems?! Really entertaining and nicely distracting article in Vanity Fayre’s Hive about the Billionaire Battle in the Bahamas between retail tycoon Peter Nygard and hedge-fund king Louis Bacon. PS: here are a few more great reads

Activity of the Month

Lemon balm plant

Last month it was bread-making, this month it’s gardening. Now that garden centres are re-open, everyone’s beautifying their outdoor spaces. There are a few flowers I love, but my absolute favourite things to grow are herbs. Thyme, oregano (above), lemon balm, mint and rosemary all smell incredible in the garden. I find rosemary really uplifting and always have a few sprigs in water in an old jam jar next to my workspace.

Random Thing of the Month

Malfy Blood Orange Gin

One thing that seems to be helping a lot of us through lockdown? Gin. This Italian Blood Orange Gin by Malfy is really good.

That’s it for May – hope you’re staying well, safe and sane!

Lara x

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