6 words to try in your copy

Ever find yourself using the same words and phrases in all your company’s content, just because they’re the same as you see everyone else using? Wake up your audience with these simple word switches.

‘Inventive’ instead of ‘Innovative’

Every company claims to be doing something  ‘innovative’ so it tends to be considered an empty, generic word with no value.

‘Imaginative’ instead of ‘Unique’ or ‘Ground-breaking’

Few things are truly that unique or ground-breaking; there’s very little that hasn’t already been done. Switching it for ‘imaginative’ makes it sound much more credible as a product can more easily be imaginative than genuinely unique.

‘Creative’ or ‘Intelligent’ instead of ‘Exciting’ or ‘Revolutionary’

Booking a holiday to the Caribbean is exciting. Jumping out of a plane is exciting. The launch of a new app that does something similar to numerous other apps? Not so much. Great, yes – but not really, genuinely exciting. As with the point above, ‘creative’ and ‘intelligent’ are more relatable and authentic words than the hyped up and over-used alternatives.

‘Multi-faceted’ instead of ‘Comprehensive’

‘Comprehensive’ creeps into the descriptions of products or services that do more than one thing. It’s a descriptive but rather flat word; ‘multi-faceted’ has a little more sparkle to it.

‘Versatile’ instead of ‘Powerful’

When ‘powerful’ is used in reference to a product, it usually just means it’s capable of doing more than just one thing – ‘versatile’ is a strong alternative.

‘Thankful’ or ‘Proud’ instead of ‘Delighted’ or ‘Thrilled’

This applies to quotes and press releases, where MDs and spokespeople are always predictably ‘excited, delighted or thrilled’ with their new product / hire / contract / partnership etc. ‘Thankful’ and ‘Proud’ sound more humble and authentic.

And also…

Here are a few more words and phrases to avoid…

  • Leveraging – lots of companies ‘leverage key methodologies’ and various other things – but it’s one of those antiquated words that’s been repurposed by Silicone Valley to sound impressive, when it’s really just another way to say ‘use’.
  • Utilise – while we’re on the subject of ‘use’, don’t be tempted to replace it with ‘utilise’.
  • Customer-focussed – are there any private sector companies who aren’t customer focussed? It reminds me of the bizarre phrase you sometimes see at restaurants; the ‘chef-driven menu’. Well, who else is going to ‘drive the menu’ – the barman?
  • Harness – as in ‘our new app harnesses cloud technology’ etc. Again – ‘use’.
  • Solution – way, way, way too overused.

And finally, here are some delightful and meaningful words to try and incorporate into your next piece of content…

  • Clever
  • Original
  • Extraordinary
  • Concise
  • Inquisitive
  • Credible
  • Effortless
  • Iconic
  • Stimulating
  • Robust
  • Resilient
  • Crisp
  • Distinctive
  • Elementary.

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