Venti Comms is an ethically-minded consultancy run by former journalist and PR Director, Lara Page. As a communications expert who has worked in the media and marketing fields for over 20 years, Lara has managed projects and campaigns for a broad range of clients, from start-ups to global brands.

From our base in a rural corner of Shrewsbury, Venti Comms now works with small businesses and established agencies to provide a broad range of support with copywriting, content creation and public relations. While we hold a broad skillset in house, we also work closely with a trusted pool of Venti collaborators and can recommend expert creative designers, photographers, website developers and SEO specialists if required.

working with venti

Working with Venti Comms on a retained basis gives you a host of added value extras. We’ll always go above and beyond to surprise and delight you – whether it’s by boosting traffic to your website, sharing exclusive guides, bolting on occasional freebies or simply remembering your birthday. To find out how Venti Comms can help your business, drop us a line to arrange a chat.