12 random facts about Venti

Here on the blog, I’ve been sharing tips on everything from protecting your reputation to the benefits of great web copy and everything in between. This month, I’ve decided to be a little bit different.

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Lara – the lone ranger of Venti Comms – and as a little break from ‘talking shop’, here are the 12 strangest and most random things I can think of to share with you.

Erm… enjoy?!

1. My mastermind subject would be Star Trek

But not just ANY Star Trek. Only the Deep Space 9 series, of which I have a disturbingly encyclopaedic knowledge.

2. If I could be transported to any time and place, it’d be California’s Sunset Strip in 1984

For someone with an insatiable appetite for 80’s hair metal and glam rock, it would’ve been the best time and place I can think of on earth. If you ever meet me, you’ll realise how unlikely the 80’s rock fetish is – but I have the battle scars to prove it; tinnitus from one too many Motley Crue concerts!

3. When I was just 18, I was joint Managing Director of a freight company

Along with two other partners, we ran a short-lived road haulage operation. Again, if you ever meet me, you’ll realise what a bizarre and unlikely scenario that is.

4. Predictable as it is, I truly love copywriting

I love words. I take enormous pleasure from crafting words from scratch, or making existing words better. I can spot errors a mile away and see instantly what doesn’t work in a block of text. I really appreciate beautifully constructed content and love to help businesses express themselves more uniquely and articulately.

5. I make a seriously moreish lasagne

This is probably also predictable considering some of my heritage is Italian. I don’t like minced beef – the fibrous texture grosses me out – so I use chopped pancetta instead and way more pasta sheets than you’re supposed to. It’s much nicer!

6. If I could have a drink with anyone – living or dead – it’d be Hunter S Thompson

I think he’s probably the most impetuous, fascinating, unorthodox and liberated person that ever lived. Have you ever read his epic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas or The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved? Hilarious and exhilarating!

7. Gifting is an actual obsession

When I’m not working, I’m either thinking about gifts, planning gifts, wrapping gifts or buying gifts. In business, I firmly believe in the ‘surprise and delight’ element and love to show my clients how much I value their custom. That’s why I’m also planning to launch a new Corporate Gifting service on Venti Comms for businesses who want to give something back to their loyal customers. And not a branded mug, pen or USB stick in sight!

8. Spiders. Just the actual thought of a spider

The thought of being within a 200-metre radius of one, which I know is statistically very probable, is too much. Every September – aka Big Spider Season – I’m a bag of nerves.

9. The same with sharks, which I know is statistically improbable

It’s not just Jaws; it’s the fact that I’ve scared the daylights out of myself by watching one too many shark attack documentaries on YouTube. I love wild swimming, but after around 5 minutes of blissful floating off Harlech beach, I suddenly get the fear. I used to scuba dive, so I know what’s actually down there, but I still sometimes wonder if a stray great white has migrated to Wales and is underneath me with its mouth open.

10. Working alone in my home office is both lovely and lonely in equal measure

I’m often out and about throughout the week, but when I’m in the office on the laptop, I have one constant companion – Hallmark movies. They’re ridiculous. I mean, just… ridiculous. But so comforting! And great to have on in the background.

11. I didn’t name my business after a Starbucks drink size

Though that is a good size for a mocha frapuccino. Venti simply means ‘twenty’ in Italian – I originally built my business around 20 core services, hence the name.

12. If you asked me to tell you a joke, I’d wheel out my favourite Tim Vine one-liner

I actually interviewed him once for the Express & Star – lovely chap. Ready? “I sent my girlfriend a pile of snow – then called her up and said ‘d’you get my drift?'”

Have a lovely day and thanks for reading! By the way, if your copy could do with a makeover – or you’d like to delight your best customers with a thoughtful and beautifully-curated ‘thank you’ or Christmas gift this year, pop me a line.

Lara Page

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